8 Tips to enjoy Boryeong Mud Festival (보령머드축제) 2018; Daecheon Beach, South Korea

One of Korea's largest festivals of the year! Guaranteed to be fun for the whole family or a sick party, depending on what you want to get into. I went with my husband and a couple of friends, we are all in our early 30's and have no kids. We were up for whatever, we... Continue Reading →

Wawoojongsa Temple (Waujeongsa) – Yongin (와우정사(용인))

Wawoojongsa Temple is a collection of donated statues and temple mounts that create a serine, beautiful location for everything from a spiritual experience to a great location to tour and take pictures. It is about 48km south of Seoul in a region called Yong-in in the Yonwha mountains. Yong-in has many other local attractions to... Continue Reading →

WHY I Write here:

For one, I have a lot to say. As you will see there are various tabs to different topics. My career field is in finance. I have been an Accredited Financial Councilor, AFC for 5 years, but money and strategy have been a life long love of mine. I believe that people are scared of... Continue Reading →

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