The Benefits of Working for the Federal Government #MilSpouse

  Why would you want to work for the federal government? It is commonly understood that civil servants do not make as much money as their civilian counterparts, but the difference is made up by the benefits. So what are the benefits that make it worth it? I will tell you below! Time Off/Leave: The... Continue Reading →

Flying to China with an AD

I think that most people who get stationed in South Korea are afraid to travel to China. The general feel that I got from the Spouses' networks were that they are to intimidated to even try... so you know me, it had to be the first place we went! I want to debunk everyone's fears.... Continue Reading →

10 Things to do Before You Travel to China

So you've booked your trip to China... now what!? You can apply the 'better safe than sorry' principle to this entire post! Get your Travel Visa at Least a Month in Advance: Check the most up-to-date information on the Chinese Embassy website to ensure you completely understand what requirements you need to meet when getting... Continue Reading →

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