Global Leadership

Global Leadership, the doctoral emphasis I chose when determining the best doctorate program to dump $100,000 dollars. I wanted to do a doctorate in Leadership, as the future of my professional life will continue to include more and more levels of management responsibility. My goal at that time was to be the best supervisor I could be. Global Leadership has been a fascination of mine since I supervised German and American employees in Germany, and currently supervising Korean employees in South Korea… all while working for the U.S. Federal Government.

I have been in the program for two years now, through my research, I have determined my own definition of global leadership. Global Leadership has two core definitions. 1) The literal definition of global, regional, national influenced leadership. 2) Global as the universal sense, we are all human, the search for leadership methods that apply to all humans.

Human beings have more in common than differences. People need to feel that life has meaning. Our existential understanding that we will perish one day is mitigated by what we believe keeps us alive. All people want to feel that their time on this earth was meaningful and most of our time is spent at work, therefore our jobs must fulfill us. As a leader, a global leader, it is my job to ensure my employee feel challenged, that they are contributing in a meaningful way and that their work feels fulfilling. These ideas motivate and breed loyalty within the organization. The core of an organization is the personnel. What motivates them is what moves and organization.

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