The OSAN Torture Lady, Session 1

Intro If you were to ask me what my favorite thing is about living in Korea, without hesitation, I would tell you that I love the access and affordability of beauty products and procedures. They are a fraction of the cost, for instance, Laser Hair Removal is 10% of what it is in the States.... Continue Reading →

Kyoto, Japan; Temples and Food

Our last minute trip to Kyoto was a tour of temples and food! Originally we had planned to take a weekend trip to Tokyo, but since we had just come back from China, pricing out Tokyo on a last minute weekend trip was turning out to be more expensive than we had bargained for, Kyoto... Continue Reading →

WHY I Write here:

For one, I have a lot to say. As you will see there are various tabs to different topics. My career field is in finance. I have been an Accredited Financial Councilor, AFC for 5 years, but money and strategy have been a life long love of mine. I believe that people are scared of... Continue Reading →

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