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Readers Digest Version: Married since 2010, DINK (dual income no kids), two fur babies, MS in Accounting, works as Supervisory Program Analyst, currently lives in South Korea. Passionate about Leadership, Education, Life-long Learner, Travel, Yoga, and Family!


My career field is in finance. I have been an Accredited Financial Councilor, AFC for 9 years, but money and strategy have been a life long love of mine. I am working as a Supervisory Project Analyst, ensighing my other passion, leadership. I am working on my doctorate in Gloabl Leadership. I believe that people are scared of their own finances and choose to ignore the details of the inner workings of their own spending and what that could mean for their future. I just don’t think that it’s as scary as you might think it is. Personal finance is easy… the advice has been virtually the same for 100 years, with some new products sprinkled in. All I want to do is write earnestly about money, get people more comfortable with talking about it and thinking about it, dispel some myths, and help people!

My passion is traveling. As a young girl, my plan was to save up as much money as I could in my youth so that I could fulfill my dream of traveling the world. However; the universe blessed me with my husband, who is an active duty army officer, which has meant that I have been able to travel the world with him! One-ish years after we were married, three months after he came back from Afghanistan, and one month after I graduated with my undergrad, we were moved to Germany! We were stationed near the South-West boarder; which meant that Paris was 4 hour drive, Brussels was a two hour drive, Amsterdam: 4 hours, French boarder: 1.5 hours… etc. And the flights in EU (she kisses her fingers like and Italian lamenting about food), were soooo affordable. We flew to Spain, London, Ireland, Italy, and we cruised to Greece, Crete, and Turkey! AND NOW I LIVE IN SOUTH KOREA! Living abroad has changed me for the better. Traveling and experiencing new cultures, customs, and food fuels the essence of my being, and I want nothing more than to showcase my experiences for others to enjoy!

Finally, I grew up with an amazing Colorado hippy for a mother. I didn’t grow up eating cake with unlimited access to sweets. I saw her exercise just about ever day of my life. I also grew up listening to her shame her body, and as an adult, I have come to understand how profoundly that impacted my self-image. This part is a work in progress. I frequently joke that losing weight, and overeating is just a 1st world problem… but regardless… we are battling American cultural norms and advertising. For what it’s worth, I know that tons of people are in the same cyclical pattern that I am in; lose weight-feel good, think your one of the those people who can eat whatever-gain the weight back, feel upset about it-start working out and eating right again… bla bla bla. So, I am just sharing inspiration from my own person journey. I am not a domestic goddess. I work full time, like to be super social, and don’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen… so I am going to share recipes with you that are easy, tasty, and healthy! We will talk about our bodies in the easiest of terms and how we can continue to stay determined and focused on reaching our health, fitness, and beauty goals! TOGETHER!

So I guess that is about it… Kinda sums me up. I have two dogs that are like my children. I feel crazy pressure to have kids now that I am 30 but, I don’t want to do it in Korea and I want to travel a lot while I am here. Sooo yeah, its not happening just yet. But I am a crazy dog mom! I love to write, music pulses through my veins, and I am little bit of a control freak!

Comments? Questions? I would love to hear from anyone who made it to the end of this post! <3–Lily

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