Golden Therapy: Hot Enzyme Rice Bran

For about $30 a person or 35 Won/pp you can subject yourself to the oddly satisfying, yet torturous, benefits of being buried in hot (70C) enzyme rice bran in the Miso Garden. 95% of all nutrients found in rice is in the brown outer layer, the bran, which is why the Golden Therapy rice beds are dark brown.

The natural process of fermentation of the rice bran creates a high heat, natural antibiotics, and microorganism division, causing tiny vibrations. Yes the rice gets sterilized by the unique equipment, but also the temperature alone burns off any bacteria that leaves your body.

My Experience:

The Golden Therapy building is easy to find, instructions in Waze are accurate, and KakoaMaps and Naver all have the location in their apps. The Parking is super easy and spacious, and the drive was not stressful from Camp Humphreys area whatsoever. The whole area is really beautiful and serine. When we walked in the first set of sliding glass doors. There are shoe cubbies on the right and sandals waiting for you, with a key on a bungie cord. There is a color coding system for males and females as there are corresponding lockers in the changing rooms.

When you get into the dressing room there are stacks of folded tops and bottoms of various sizes, which are quite large. There are some instruction cards, in English, that prompt you to shower and change into the brown clothing. I didn’t, but maybe next time I will weigh myself to see how much water I sweat out. Once you are ready you will walk out the back door and into the therapy room. There are two large troughs of rice where maybe ten people could be laying side by side each. The therapists have prepared ice cold water bottles with long straws, a towel, and they have dig a hole for you to lay down. After the hole is dug the 70C rice surface cools a little bit before you lay down. Once you are laying in the hole the therapist covers you in the rice enzyme mixture. According to their website, what actually touches your skin is about 40C. The heat is a moist heat which is supposed to be better for your skin, pores, and organs, as opposed to dry heat alone.

DO NOT MOVE: AT ALL!! I cannot stress this enough. You cannot even wiggle your baby toe. Even the tiniest bit of movement can cause a burning sensation that will continue to burn (like hell) for the rest of the time you lay in the rice. The goal is to lay covered in the rice for 15 mins, then the next 45 mins you can lay on top, or burry parts of your body to just relax and hang out. Fifteen minutes doesn’t seem like a long time until you are trying to be as still as you have ever been in your entire life, enclosed in 70C rice! It is a battle of your mind over body! It is HARD! Don’t be mad at yourself if you don’t make it the whole 15 mins, there will always be next time. I definitely think that with practice we will all be able to make it for the full 15 mins, I quit at 13… but better than my husband at 11! Their site says that you generate as much heat in your body is if you had run a 13km race. Since you can’t move, the therapists will come by and wipe the sweat out of your eyes and even give you a drink of your water with the long straw! It is incredibly helpful and refreshing when is seems like the clock has stopped at 7 mins and you have no idea how you are only half way!

After our hour in the rice we got out and showered. You definitely leave a trail of rice in your wake, and they just sweep up behind you. They keep the place extremely clean, considering how messy the whole experience is. The shower is also totally part of the experience. While the showers are not luxurious 5-star hotel rain showers, it still really added to our experience. They had really nice rice based products. I have really long hair that I am very picky about, product-wise. So for me to have used, and like, the shampoo and conditioner is really saying something. The best part of the shower was the rice mush body scrub. It had the look, appearance, and feel of oatmeal. It is in these communal bowls in the corners of the shower, which is a little off-putting, I guess since you have to go digging in the bowl… but you have to do it. We scrubbed down our whole bodies, rinsed off and put our clothes and provided sandals back on. Yep, you butt naked with the friend you go with, and what ever other strangers are in there showering at the same time… this is Korea, get used to it!

Afterward I felt like I had been out in the sun at the beach all day. You know that feeling when you just feel exhausted from the sunshine? However, I also felt fresh, clean, super relaxed, and ready for a nap! When we walked back into the main room, with our wet hair (although they had blowdryers and brushes and stuff) we were offered some green tea. Of course my husband was out there already… I can’t even tell you how much time we spent in the shower! He was sitting in the massage chairs that were facing a window that looks out into the parking-lot and adjacent rice paddies (fields). We joined him in the 15 minute bonus messages before we retrieved our own shoes and left. We collectively decided that we would, for sure, go back again one day and that we thought this would be a perfect activity during the freezing-cold Korean winters.

The one benefit that no one had talked about, and I had no idea would be a benefit, was the silky smoothness of my skin. The soft and moisturized texture of my skin lasted for days, almost a full week. The whole experience and benefits were wonderful! I highly recommend this as a local Korean experience. It was about 15-20 minutes from the USAG HUmphreys Army post… close!


  • Gets rid of blood stasis
  • Stimulates pores throughout the entire body
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Strengthens blood vessels
  • Increases immunity
  • Soft beautiful skin (helps with: dermatitis, acne, dry skin and psoriasis)
  • Discharges waste products
  • Breaks down fat for weight loss
  • Can help with menstrual pain

[KakaoMap] Golden Terapi
44-14, Sin1ri-gil, Oseong-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do

Videos about the growing, fermenting, and therapy:효소테라피가-뭐길래

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