The OSAN Torture Lady, Session 1


If you were to ask me what my favorite thing is about living in Korea, without hesitation, I would tell you that I love the access and affordability of beauty products and procedures. They are a fraction of the cost, for instance, Laser Hair Removal is 10% of what it is in the States. With that said, they are using the top quality, USDA/FDA approved equipment and products, so the same (or better) quality/lower price. The affordability means that I can try all sorts of different, fun things to share with you! Even better yet, then you can do it too! Yay!

There was a post back in March(ish) on the Osan/Humphrey’s Beauty page about the Torture Lady. It was a picture of this girl’s back before and after seven weeks of consistently going to the Torture Lady for this excruciating cellulite-reducing massage. This post essentially went viral amongst the spouses, soldiers, contractors, expats, whoever… in this general area because the difference in the two pictures was so exciting! Everyone has been talking about it! In fact, for me to get a weekend appointment, I had to wait three weeks! So she is in high demand.


Light/Heat Therapy


According to the following at the benefits of Infrared Message Therapies:

  • Relax tight muscles
  • Improve circulation
  • Pain Relief
  • Detoxification

According to the Global Health Center benefits of infrared therapy are fat loss, chronic fatigue [1], water retention, skin disorders, as well as in the elimination of heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material. Whew! I need one for home!

My Experience:

Before beginning the torture massage, Emma’s assistant used an infrared heated light with rounded bulbs on the surface and a sucking sensation. The heat gets substantially warm, she is constantly moving it, but if she were to stop, it would be like and iron and burn the skin. I don’t know what it’s called. She uses this to soften the muscles and to minimize the residual pain from how hard she has to massage you. The warm light and the pressure that she used was absolutely relaxing! I really enjoyed that, and probably would’ve paid for that as a massage all on its own. Which was pretty much the service that I got today anyway. I told Emma at the end of the session that I was a little bit disappointed that I did not get tortured. She told me that many of the new clients don’t come back if they feel like it hurts too much, so she one easy for the first session.Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 6.17.16 PM

Deep Tissue Message & Scrapping


The cellulite/sculpting massage is a deep-deep tissue massage that breaks down cellulite, detoxing and smoothing your body. Fat cells protect your body, not only as a cushion from falling but also against toxins. When you eat foods with lots of preservatives, smoke (breath pollution), take medications, etc. that cause toxicity in your body, which gets stored in your fat cells. When fat cells are created, they never go away. When you work out and lose fat, the volume of the fat cells reduce, but they are still there. The fat cells have to be disrupted or broken for your body to actually get rid of the cell itself.  This is why you have to have painful massages, freeze them, or have chemicals injected into the area. When these fat cells are broken down, the toxins will be released back into your body. It is essential to drink lots of water afterward to ensure that you are assisting your body in eliminating the excess toxins. Following aftercare instructions is vital with all massages, but especially this one.

My Experience:

I am going to have to write another blog post about another session. As I stated above, I was a little bit disappointed about how this initial session went. I had mentally prepared myself and expected to be tortured, and I wasn’t. I promise to create another blog post regarding my experience after a few sessions, and hopefully, I can report that I see results at that point too!

I got undressed right in front of her. This is common in Korea, they are not as body-conscious as we are in the States. I laid down, face first, on a typical massage bed, with the hole for your face. Then Emma’s assistant (didn’t catch her name) started using the infrared light on the upper half of my body for about 15 minutes on each side, left and right. She did not do my arms or shoulders. Her focus was on my ‘muffin top’ and greater-back area. After she was done with the infrared light on my back, she did a quick massage, which I was thinking felt like her elbows and her knuckles. Frankly, I have had more thorough ‘regular’ massages. Which is why I was feeling disappointed when I was done today with a massage meant to break-up long-term cellulite pockets underneath my skin. That part of the whole experience only lasted do five minutes.

She did 15 mins on the back of each of my legs as well. When she worked on my legs again, it felt like she was using her knuckles and elbow. Then I felt a cold sensation. I did not see what she was using, but it felt like it might have been a metal tool that helped her work into the cellulite areas. She did my calves and thighs. As of right now, the night of, I do not have any bruises on my legs, but there is some sensitivity. I used a cellulite-reducing-tool at home in the shower a couple years ago, and I bruised in these areas pretty quickly.


Benefits:  One of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, describes how the ancient Egyptians used cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C. (Read More). There is very little research that definitively supports the benefits of cupping, however; below are some of the benefits listed on WebMD:

Emma said: blood circulation and muscle relaxation

My Experience:

As I stated above, I had attended my appointment thinking that I was going to be clenching my teeth and baring down the whole time… I was going to the notorious Torture Lady. I had asked several people about what to expect… so when I didn’t get what I expected, I expressed that to Emma, the Torture Lady. While my facial mask was setting, she massaged my neck and shoulders and commented about how tight they were and how stressed I must be. My response is what it always is, “I sit at a computer all day.” She said, “We are going to do cupping on you.” Very matter-of-factly. I can only assume that her decision was based, 1) on the fact that I seemed to have wanted to be in some level of irritating and excruciating pain to leave as a happy customer and 2) that my muscles were very tight and needed to be released… and cupping does that.

I had to take off my top and bra again, I had gotten dressed since I didn’t know we were going to do this. I laid on my stomach, and Emma’s assistance put 50 dry silicone non-flame, pump suction cups on me in two minutes. It was quick. She did about 3 squeezes on the pump for each cup. As she put them on, my skin got tighter and tighter. The more cups, the less excess skin there was to be sucked up into the cups. Once she completed putting all the cups on, I felt like taking a deep breath was painful. I didn’t know that they were only going to be on for a few mins, so I was doing some meditative thought/breath techniques. The pain was a tight, burning, pulling, stretching feeling. I guess in some ways, it felt like an “Indian burn.” Your skin is being pulled in a way that is stretching it to its brink. After 3-5 mins she went through and twisted the tops which released the pressure inside the cup.

I flipped over so that she could do my stomach. I covered my breasts with my arm initially and then she put a folded towel over them. This was especially weird, and I almost forgot to mention, there was another woman (and her cute yappy dog) who showed up for her appointment while I had mine. The two of us, complete strangers, shared this tiny room, 90% naked! I get more and more comfortable with these situations because I keep finding myself in them. She did the same cupping process on my stomach as she did on my back.

When I got up to get dressed, my back was already starting to bruise. Six hours later, my back is covered in bruises, but I have no bruises on my stomach at all. It looks like I got in a fight with a huge octopus on a scuba trip.. well, that is what I told my dad when I sent him this picture. Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 11.58.54 PM



I have gotten an aqua-peel at a local medi-spa that I really like called Dr. Hans. The auqa-peel at Dr. Hans was far less invasive but also much more procedural and professionally trained technical vibes. Emma is the one that performed the aqua-peel on me today, and she went all in! Leave no pore unturned. She had the machine turned all the way up, or it felt like she did, and she was getting in there and really sucking the crud out of my pores. I wish I would have gotten a before picture as I have been struggling with my skin this week. When I showed up to Emma’s I told her, ‘I have $100 can I get a facial added on to my service today?’ So I didn’t know that I was going to get the facial, and I didn’t realize it was going to be an aqua-peel. She went directly into the sucking part. I think she may have put a cream on first, but there was 0 foreplay! No steaming or messaging… straight into the sucking. If you have evet gotten a Diamond tip Micro-derm Abrasion, that is how it felt. There is a sucking sensation along with a scratchy head. When she was done with this part, she handed me a tiny mirror and said, “See? Much better.” And she was right! Dayyymmmmm… I want to do this every month! You know that clogged pores stretch your pores and stretched pores cause wrinkles, so girl… get me in next weekend too! She also told me that it works overnight and will look even better in the morning, and she said my skin will feel tighter, yessssss!

Ultrasonic Blackhead Spatula:

When Emma pulled out this tool, I was sooo excited because I had seen so many ads about it, and had no idea she was going to use it on me. I have done some research on it that leads me to believe that this is not a very supported facial tool. According to the ads, this device is supposed to help remove back heads and clear pores. Exfoliation is the real benefit of this tool. Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.33.55 PM

Also, I think that she cleaned up my eyebrows a little bit… how nice is that? Overall I definitely think that I walked in with dull skin with clogged pores and a small breakout on my chin. I walked out with refreshed, tighter, and cleaner. I am really excited that I found someone who does a great facial because I will start going back to her regularly!


After detoxifying, sculpting, cellulite reducing massages like these, it is common for you to feel pretty crappy afterward. It is important to drink lots and lots of water to help your body flush out the toxins that have re-entred your bloodstream. Relax and rest.


The Cut:

Global Health Center:

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For more information on removing cellulite check out this blog

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