Daemyung Ski Resort and Spa; just 2hr north of Camp Humphreys

This weekend we went on a couple’s retreat to the Daemyung Ski Resort. You may be thinking what I was thinking… ‘it’s a little early in the season for snow,’ well it was. The slopes are covered with manmade snow, which you can imagine makes for an icy run. They regenerate the snow every night. Gladly it was also an escape from the terrible fall South Korean air pollution!

The Resort:

The resort was right across from the Vivaldi Park ski slopes and right next to an Ocean World indoor-outdoor waterpark. There is a mall underneath the hotels area that connects the various ski resorts. There are plenty of cool kid cafés and other fun kid activities.

The rooms were really spacious with full kitchen (nix-oven), two bathrooms, great views, family room, huge balconies. Beds are a bit stiff and pillows are all feather, so they flatten out. There was NO COFFEE in the rooms! That blew my mind because all the other Korean hotels I have been to have them! Also no robes, no toothbrushes (usually standard in KR hotels), but great shampoo and condish.

It is the perfect winter getaway, and looks like it would be a lot of fun in the summer too! It never ceases to amaze me how much thought and effort the Koreans put into their leisure activities on the peninsula.

The Restaurants; Chez Nous; the restaurant in the hotel

The restaurant had many options; both at the buffet and as regular seated dining. You have everything from sushi to braised beef to seared tuna, salads, mini tacos etc. The area boast plenty of additional restaurants including traditional Korean BBQ!

Spa and Beauty:

The area is also lush with spa options, including over 100 saunas at Ocean World and Dr. Mi at the Darmyung Resort. This was an IV beauty clinic where you have a consultation with the doctor and he makes recommendations on IV vitamin treatment options. So I had to try one. I don’t know if it is all in my head, but I really feel like I see if difference in the over brightness and texture of my skin. As with many of my friends and other Americans, we are suffering from the effects of pollution and harsh chemicals in the water here. This IV treatment helped to improve the moisture in my skin from the inside out, improving the skin on my whole body, not just my face!

Virtual Reality Experience:

Not sure why but there were a ton of places on the area where you could hook up to a VR machine and play games! It was ₩10,000 for each game or ₩15,000 all the way up to ₩60,000 for unlimited play. We had a ton of fun killing zombies! We also did a rollercoaster, which made us both feel sick. But nothing made us more nauseous than the bus ride to and from the resort! Bus drivers in Korea are CRAZY!


There was a smaller put-put type course with these strange putters and large rubbery balls. There is a par 3, ‘normal’ golf course at the fancier resort up the hill. There is a country club at the Solo Feliz resort that requires a membership, I didn’t get more information, but I know that people own condos in the fancy building, so I am not sure if people on vacation are allowed to enjoy all/any of the facilities.

Overall, a great get away, close enough to drive up on a weekend. Fall, summer, and winter!

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