8 Tips to enjoy Boryeong Mud Festival (보령머드축제) 2018; Daecheon Beach, South Korea

One of Korea’s largest festivals of the year! Guaranteed to be fun for the whole family or a sick party, depending on what you want to get into. I went with my husband and a couple of friends, we are all in our early 30’s and have no kids. We were up for whatever, we didn’t really know what to expect, but we loved the whole thing.

There are tons of inflatable MUD activities and obstacle courses and there is a huge water obstacle course that was a ton of fun too. It was only 18,000 won for access to everything. We paid for it two days in a row, but I thought that it was a really good value considering everything you were able to do. The real problem was the lines.

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1: Definitely get a hotel on the beach

We were able to get a hotel on the beach for only $250/night, which is actually pretty expensive, but considering it was RIGHT there and at the time of the biggest festival of the year… I think it was reasonable. The added bonus, aside from not having to worry about getting home if you drink too much, is that you can use your hotel bathroom all day instead of having to wait in line for the public baths.

2: Get there early

You will get stuck in lines throughout the day. The earlier you are there the smaller the lines. We got up Sunday morning and where able to walk straight onto the obstical course etc. Before we left the beach we tried to do the water course one last time, and we stood in line in the sun for 40 mins before we decided we just couldn’t take it anymore… we were friend and tired… I fell asleep in the car on the way home! I think I was tired for a week after the MUD Festival.

3: Use sunscreen or MUD! 

July is one of the hottest months of the year in Korea. We are talking tempuratures in the 90s and with the added humidity over 100! The sun is beating down on you. You will notice that many of the Koreans are wearing log sleeves, hanging out in tents, or they are completely covered in mud! The mud was a much better protectant from the sun than sunscreen, and since everyone was covered in it, it was the better choice! When in Rome, right?

4: Drink Soju and WATER!

When we first got there we walked about to check out all of the activities, and we found ourselves worrying a little too much about how dirty we were going to get. I figured that the first thing we needed to do was lighten up a little bit. So we went into the GS25 (7/11, convenient store) and bough something to drink. If you now anything about Soju you know that it can have a super low alcohol % or a really high % so you have to check and be really careful. Add that to all of the heat… but DRINK WATER and don’t get carried away! Otherwise you will ruin you whole experience and might ruin it for your friends as well… in other words drink responsibly and stay hydrated!

5: Wear something you can toss afterward

I literally bought a new outfit to wear. Cheep shorts and a tank and a bikini on sale. The whole thing was $20. If I had wanted to throw it all away when we left, it would have been a nonissue. I bought everything in black though, so it was salvageable afterward, which I cannot say for my friends yellow bikini top. The next morning I walked the beach and bought some extra shorts for like 5,000 won at a convenience store! So if you dont buy stuff in advance, dont fret, you can easily pick something up there… it s beach for goodness sake.

6: Protect your Phone:

For 10,000 won you can buy a waterproof case for your phone, just buy it there… and definitely use it… mud is flying everywhere! If you are there to actually have any fun, then you will be covered in it, and you will still want you phone, so that you can Snap your life away! Hahaha! Just me…?

7: Stay for the show

In the evenings they put on great shows! From what I understand the closing night show is the best with famous K-Pop Starts performing. It was on a Sunday nights, so that didn’t work out for us. We saw some huge DJs and enjoyed the music. What was best was the environment though. They had lights, water cannons, and fireworks…. I mean watch this video my friend took and tell me you wouldn’t have had a blast! Plus everyone was just bouncing around and smiling and just having an amazing time together! It was my favorite part.

8: Embrace the Local Food

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