Ich mochte eis! German Ice Cream

I thought that I would start this blog off with a funny picture. I have been trying to describe for days how beautiful the trees and changing leaves are here. There are leaves here that are huge… bigger than my head. So I collected a few leaves in different colors and sizes. The pictures I have been posting only speak whispers tot he true beauty, but this is the one way I can share with you… hope you like it.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 10.53.25 AM

SO its been a few days since I checked in with you guys. The truth is that I failed my driving test the first go round and so I didn’t want to blog about that… Now that I am a USEUR licensed driver, I can blog again. The test was really not that hard, I just didn’t really study for it. I mean I looked at the road signs but for the most part they are self explanatory .. no surprise that the easy ones are not the ones that you see on the test. It is the signs that are written in plan German that you have to worry about. But Chels and everyone else were right, all you have to do is a little bit of studying to pass. Frankly, we still don’t have a car, but I am glad to have that monkey off of my back. Around here it is pretty easy to settle into a life style where you don’t carry a cell phone or have a car. But I don’t think that is what Mike and I want. I have been wanting to go around and apply for jobs, but I don’t want to climb a half mile up hill in dress pants and heels… I wanna have a car! But it is only a matter of time. I think that Mike is going right now to just make a final decision on a car. I mean we are buying a car from the Junk Yard on post, no matter how you split it it is not going to be everything you want! Luckily Mike knows a lot about cars so he can do things to make sure that this car lasts us the 3 years that we are here and then we will just drop it off at the Junk Yard when we leave.

After passing my test I felt excited and relieved, but Mike was at work and I don’t have a phone so I decided that I wanted to tell my downstairs neighbor, she let me borrow her test booklet to study from, so I thought that she would be happy for me for passing, and she was. In leu of how beautiful the weather was I invited her and her two year old daughter to go for a walk with me. I don’t know why but I felt that I was giving her an offer she couldn’t refuse by offering her vitamin D. Most people don’t know this but you can get your daily dose of Vit D in only 15 mins in the sun. So people who are stressed out about Vit D milk, should just spend a few mins in the sun. And Vit D deficiencies have been linked to depression, so really a walk in some nice weather is far more beneficial then breathing the fresh crisp German air and giving your heart and body a little extra work.

Anyhow, once we started our walk we picked up another dog walking neighbor and chatted mostly about how we were over dressed for such nice weather since it was unseasonably warm. As we walked down the hill nearing the apartments a Jeep rolled up slowly with a soldier saying something cocky to us. My first thought was… the only women around here are married or soldiers, and soldiers would be in uniform so what the hell does this guy think he is doing! Then I realized it was Mike, my husband, trying to be funny. Asking if we wanted a ride and that they were on their way to Aspen. The girls and I haggled him and told him and the driver to “keep it movin’.” He got out of the car and finished our walk with us. I excitedly told him that I had passed my test and suggested that we all go for ice cream.

We have heard from almost everyone we’ve met how amazing the ice cream is here. There is only one ice cream place that I know of in Baumholder and it will be closing soon for the cold weather on the horizon. So I felt a bit of urgency to make sure we tried it before they closed. It was a little bit hard to communicate with the woman in the window. Which is new for us, so far pretty much everyone in town speaks decent English. The spaghetti eis was Vanilla flavored and covered with strawberry sauce. It doesn’t taste like spaghetti it is just the way that it looks. So we got that and something small to just try something else too. It was very good. The texture was like Gilato… it wasn’t as heavy as regular ice cream from the states. And it didn’t make me sick, as normal ice cream does. I was still careful and let Mike eat most of it. I should have taken a picture dern it! Well if there is a next time I will add the picture here for you.

Ich Mochte eis! ——-> I want ice cream! Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 10.52.54 AM

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